5 Reasons EVERY Young Guy Should Try Cougar Dating (at least once!)

I never really thought about dating an older woman, until I saw my bud with a woman he’d met online. She was 15 years older than him, and surprisingly, more attractive than a lot of girls he used to date that were his own age. As I got to know Tara, I realized why she made my buddy so happy, and I decided to try cougar dating myself. Matt (my bud) told me they’d gotten talking on HotLocalCougars , so I created a profile there and damn, I never looked back. Cougar dating is that bomb! Guys, honestly, if you are looking for dating, and playing the field, and not carrying a load of drama, then cougar dating is the solution. I tried a few cougar dating sites and HotLocalCougars is still the best in my opinion so you might wanna start there if you are new to the scene and looking for a lot of variety.

Any young guy who has dated women his own age (late teens early 20s) knows what I mean about the weird drama that comes with dating “girls”. It’s shameful how much we men have to cut through to get to the payoff, amirite? So, reasons you should consider cougar dating:
  1. Cougars are confident
    Older women have a career they have worked for. They have dealt with all the neurosis of youth, and so you wont have to constantly reassure them.  That confidence in daily life also stretches to the bedroom, and the amazing sex makes cougar dating a “must try” for any young man, as her expertise will rub off on you and make you a more skilled lover 😉
  2. Cougars take care of themselves
    20s something girls may look good now but many of them take their youthful looks for granted. Dating a cougar means dating a woman who works hard to keep in shape and eat healthy and not only will she look good, if not better than a lazy girl, she will also encourage you to be your healthiest and best self. 
  3. Cougars appreciate you
    Cougar dating is very different from dating a younger girl. An older woman knows how to treat a man, and will appreciate your youthfulness and encourage and, and not try and make you “grow up” and be old before your time. They are ladies who are very much “in the moment” and not obsessed with marriage, children and so on. A cougar has built a life of her own and welcomes you as a pleasant addition, not as the solution for something “missing”.
  4. Cougars are wise
    Gossip and drama are a fixation of youth. A cougar has life experience, which is a huge bonus to cougar dating, you get a woman who has learnt, rather than still learning and she can often impart useful wisdom to you. She thinks before she speaks, and acts in confidence. A cougar will never seek attention or need to be validated.
  5. Cougars love to have fun
    They’re actually very exciting compared with girls, who are often obsessed with being “mature”. If you are a gamer, you’ll love a cougar, all the cougars I’ve dated have played video games with me, and they love shoot em ups as a way to release that inner aggression! They also like to be active, having learnt that an active mind and body keeps them youthful.
These are the most important reasons to explore cougar dating, and there are many more. The difference between dating an older woman and a girl is like night and day, seriously, do not be put off by age, once you get a cougar into bed you’ll be too into enjoying the wild sex than noticing minor “imperfections” and unlike a younger girl she wont be obsessing over those and drawing attention to them. the self-esteem boost of dating an older woman is unparalleled, and you’ll come away from the experience richer for it. Cougars also know when to leave you alone, should you end the relationship they will not hound you or stalk you. I can’t think of any better reason to take the plunge!